The Most Effective Marketing Channel Ever Invented

In online marketing in 2016, there are two surprising facts about the most effective digital channel to market to your customers.

Fact #1 is the most effective marketing channel didn't even exist until 2010.

Fact #2 is the 3rd most effective channel was invented all the way back in the 1960's. So what are these other two channels? Read on!

Email is 2nd for Engagement, not 1st.

A lot of digital marketers will tell you that email marketing is still the most effective channel, in terms of return on spend and engagement rate. They'd be wrong. According to Silverpop’s Email Marketing Benchmark study, the average open rate for email is 20 percent, and the average click-through rate is only 5.4 percent.

Push beats Email for Engagement.

Push Notifications from apps smash email, with average engagements rates between 30-60%, according to IBM. And sending Push notifications is effectively free. How's that for ROI? This is why we've included Push notifications in all Snapp Mobile apps, so that any customer who downloads a store's app can be pinged a notification straight to their phone.

For Snapp Stores, as soon as you have installed and published your iOS and Android apps you can start sending push notifications to your customers who have downloaded your apps. Just login into the Snapp app through Shopify, and click on Push in the Settings cog.